Sweet little boy

A little boy
will always be
in my heart.
His personabilty so full
Nicely spoken with a smile
The vision I can see him
clear in my mind
the times you spoke
And ran around.
We will never
til the day
our little friend.

No names are mention because I haven’t asked permission.
I hope this beautiful little boys family know we are bonded
from memories.
I Hope you all peace to your whole family and all the new family members over the years.
You all are in my thoughts.
Will be great next time we meet again.
The connection is strong.

Wishing everyone health and peace.


Real hero’s.


Will always remember them who die in wars. R.I.P.

To those families members who had nothing to do with wars and were caught up in war zones. R.I.P.
It’s not right for people who had nothing to do with wars have died.
People have being dying in wars because of mistakes.
It’s not right to let this happen.

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