That Connection


To learn something new about your family is interesting.
What I find interesting is names and dates.
You wouldn’t think that the names and numbers are still the same.
In life we carries on and the people we meet in our journey’s is ment to be.
The numbers go in a pattern and so do the names.
Even if we don’t  have a clue why might dig further and find out you could be related from a past grandfather’s brothers and sisters children children so on. Some went to America and others went to New Zealand or Australia for eg. There are many countries we would have off springs. Have you ever seen people who look like each other but they don’t know each other.
Back in the old days they had so many children.
Even if you have Ireland past family they might not be really from there.
When Ireland was invaded in the early days from 11.00 to 15.00 century.

The vikings and Normans and the English invaded Ireland Then the invaders settle in Ireland.
They also married Ireland people.
I  know that with my past family with the formation I have tracked them finding out I have genes from the Normans or Dutch and Ireland genes.
With Longfield and Roche.. Also their families back to the early days. Also their brothers and sisters.
Even all the names of my today family, were same names of past family. Now there name, and numbers keep going on……..

Also mentioning about things happen for a reason. A picture drawing in a frame was brought and given to me to hang up. The is picture a drawing called OAYMNIA lay out off a town they found under a mountain back in the Norman days.  For some reason I feel a connection so maybe it was meant to be with me.
So I wonder we are made up of genes of these past family connections has made us.
There’s a Strang feeling connection with our family.  family. Of course our Health has a lot to do with genetics.
It’s crazy how you can be good as a past family member tade that is already made in you before your born.
That’s why it’s good to know what you can wlfind onthe Internet.
There’s a lot off People who never knew about their family’s history. /strong>

What I found out with names and numbers rang bells that ended up right information off these past family names I was looking into.
To think about them and where they lived is great to know. Just to know for myself  feels good.
Something we can keep with us. finding out about where your past family is from. One day I would love to go over to Ireland.
We all have that connection that is part off us and how we were made with our genes from padt family do comes back around.