David Bowie


Will always remember Bowie
Is part of my sister Cheryl
In 70s and 80s.
Seens like a interesting guy who so many all connected with. He showed others who interviewed him that his not answering dumb questions about his private life.
It’s none of anyone’s business, He was cool claim.

Many people who suffered pain could upderstand Bowies music.
Would help many others around the world with the pain they were suffering from too. .

David Bowie is a artist and a good one. You can love him or hate him it doesn’t matter.. The people could understand he was a great artist and a cool guy. His fans would go into a magic place with his music.

I feel David Bowies music is part of my Sister’s life. She was over the top with his music and songs. I will always remember my Sister soon as I hear David Bowie songs. Also Bowie was like a musical sex god to my Sister she was in love with everything about him. Bowies music gives happy memories.

Now it was his time to go and we all thank him for what he gave so many people around the world without knowing how much they really feel. I have to say thank you for your music it will live on forever. Bowies music means so much The memory will never be forgotten.

Bowies trippy like out of this world. There will never be another man with a gift like David Bowie. Bl
Also married to his wife having a baby his life would of being a great time for him. In the 80s the music change styles. He seem healthier with a funny side in a easy going way. He w want to miss his child’s
Bowie magic life music that took people to a place a peace. The music so dreaming showing his inside soul.
A person well known but wanted his own life’s like anyone else.

Bowie in his dying days was fighting for his life suffering cancer also fighting for climate change because that’s how much he cared. People that really care so much suffer pain more..
Bowie he didn’t want people crying over his dead body because that’s how much he cared about his family’s feelings. He didn’t want them feeling all the pain on the day.

His music will never die.

Bowie is free like a bird bird.
Rest in peace.


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