My Mother’s Grandfather


Photo above of my Mother dancing with her Grandfather Thomas Mackay.

My Mother’s Grandfather

Everyone has so many stories from their past family.  There is more to your past you may not know about so why be left in the dark. In finding out about medical conditions from past family is very important for your health. With the Internet assess to past names. It can be very interesting finding out about history right back to the early centuries.

First start with your Great Grandparents. Then later you can find out more.

Thomas Mackay my Great Grandfather  from Scotland lived a healthy full life.

Thomas Mackay was born in the 1800s.
Thoma married Elizabeth Loosemore and they had two children a Son Donald and a daughter Margaret my nan we called (mumcull).

PopMackay name is on the Harbour Bridge as he helped built it,  he was a stonemason worker for the bridge but his first worked as a music teacher in Scotland playing the pipes.

In moving to Australia. He worked in Sydney at Scots College as a Music School teacher . Also Popmackey  and his wife Elizabeth also had a store in Sydney which sold Scots clothes. My Mother doesn’t remember the name of the store but remembers people that brought it called the store Christines.My Mother remembered his house where he lived,  that it was beauliful and he would also teach pupils at his home. My Mother told me she remembers going to visit and seeing them marching down a big hall way playing the pipes where there were large bay windows inside their home. I have a nice photo of PopMckay playing the pipes with my mother Scots dancing above.
You can see from the pictures above that my mother was happy and loved dancing. Pop house is still there today.
Today I showed my mother a post about PopMackay and what was said. Mother laughed and liked where it mention about popMackay who played  Jazz music.   I showed my mum the two unknown brother of Pop Mackay. One brother went to Germany to live. My Mother knew he had a few brothers but didn’t know there names. So now I got to find out what PopMackay brothers names and sisters Jean and Isabel. So this story doesn’t stop til I find out more.

My Nan (mumcull) my mother’s mother sew and made clothes for everyone. I remember the school jumpers they mumcull would make all the children. Mumcull would make Bridal outfits and everyone else’s. Also mumcull (nan) made Scottish clothes.


Why did Great grandfather travel to Australia. It was to work on a bridge and a better live and better weather.

Moved to work to built the Harbour Bridge.

In 1924, John Gilmore and his young family came to Australia to built a bridge.
In 1927 my great grandfather travel from Scotland to Sydney with his family to built the Sydney Harbour with family.

My Nan  and Pop (my mother’s parents)

Mumcull b. Aus married popcull (Lester Cull) b England had four daughters together. My Mother’s is the youngest.

Popcull had two brothers and one sister. Brother names Edward- Eddie,Norman, and sister Nellie.





Wishing everyone health and peace.


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