Stevie very nice personally

Will remember you as a funny friendly and a real nice person.
It was a long time ago in the 80s Stevie lived at his mother’s Unit which was in same block of units where my sister and I lived. When I was 16 years old I meet Stevie and he came over many times to my Sisters unit while we lived there. I didn’t know he was in a band because I was to young when he had a great band But he was likeable and my Sister had already taken a liking too.. My Sister knew Stevie music but I only knew the songs like evie, but didn’t know anything about his band in those days.
There will alway be funny nice memories of Stevie being a kind hearted person who treated others with respect and understanding.
Hearing this news I have to think he was very lucky to make it to 68 years old. Stevie was stronge minded and knew the streets, going on missions in the morning then see him back later afternoon and chilled with him.
We would all play music and intereating chats at night. My Sister and him have little clashes over crap but all was good as they would act as a sister and brother joke around.
I know the book that was written about Stevie wasn’t nice and the book didn’t show Stevies nice kind hearted side.
Stevie can rest now and say hello to the others on that side whatever that may be.

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