With You Forever.

With the people in our life’s Who may not be here anymore in person they will be with you in spirit
Will never be taken from us.
They will always will be with us.


That Connection


To learn something new about your family is interesting.
What I find interesting is names and dates.
You wouldn’t think that the names and numbers are still carry on the same.
In life the people we meet in our journey’s is ment to be.
The numbers go in a pattern and so do the names.
Dig further and find out you could be related from a past grandfather’s brothers and sisters children children so on. Some people went to America and others went to New Zealand or Australia for eg. There are many countries we would have off springs. Have you ever seen people who look like each other but they don’t know each other.
Back in the old days they had so many children.
Even if you have Ireland past family their parents parents go back to the Norman days or they could of lived in France and they invaded settle in Ireland and stayed in Ireland for many more centuries

I  know that with my past family with the formation I had from my Aunt I have tracked further finding out I was able to go back further which I found the storues back in those days interesting. 
My family history with Roche who helped invade Ireland he stayed on living there and marry Longfield.
I found names of my today family, were same names of past family. Now there name, and numbers keep going on……..

Also mentioning about things happen for a reason. A picture drawing in a frame was brought and given to me to hang up. The is picture a drawing called OAYMNIA lay out off a town they found under a mountain back in the Norman days.  For some reason I feel a connection so maybe it was meant to be with me.
So I wonder we are made up of genes of these past family connections has helped made us who we are today.
Of course our Health has a lot to do with genetics.
It’s crazy how you can be good as a past family member trade as you were born with the stay trade genes.
That’s why it’s interesting also to know what you can find.
There’s a lot of People who never knew about their family’s history. /strong>

To think about them and where they lived is great to know. Just to know for myself feels good for some reason even thou I never meet. 
Something we can keep with us a part of our family genes or even look the same.

One day I would love to go over to Ireland would be a dream.

Family Tree Father’s side. Joining the dots.


Above photo of Alma Fanny
b 1891-1941

How interesting it is to find out where all our famlies started from. Also interesting to know there health what age did they lived too. Why we are here today from whom and where and from who. What did they look like. It doesn’t make any difference to now but can join the dots so your out of the dark to find out for ourselves. We all love to see old photos, I found out what my 4 times grandparents back to in 1825. With that you can find their parents.  

There must be so many people we are all related to in some way and not even know if we meet them in during our life. Sometimes you can see people can look a lot alike and maybe they could be related. Even personaitily can be alike with so many people.

Getting a NDA is quite popular now and to find out 6 times or longer.

I found a site about how my Aunt found out about family photo back in the 1800s .

I was lend to this site like someone wanting to show me.  

  My Aunt had already started a family tree years back dated back to the Roche family. 

The reason my Aunt did this is because her mother my Grandmother wanted to find out more about her past family. 
My Aunt has past now r.i.p.

Grandma always said she thinks her great Grandmother’s family came from Ireland and some how back as far as France and also her family had royal connections.

I started researching to see as I always felt a connection with Ireland for some strange reason I feel that’s the place I would like to live in. Ireland draws me in like thats where I belong which is a weird because I have never been to Ireland before. It’s hard to explain why Ireland makes me feel that way. Love to see all the old builtings and castles where my past family lived in that country back in the day. Where there was bloody fighting when Ireland was invaded in the 1100 century.
All the old pictures of what they were wearing how they lived would be amazing to see.

We just thought that Grandma was dreaming because she would talk and act like she was the Queen haha.

Since I have being researching the past family history I knew these people were past family within me.. At first I wasnt sure but names and numbers rang bells. I screen shot the names that could be. I found out the names were connected past family.

We all are part off our past family in so many ways or we wouldn’t be here today. Back in those days they would have so many children.

The story that I found on a site was about a man who collected old photos and he got hold of a photo from his connections that was brought off e-bay . My Aunt seen the photo’s and knew who they were as she had a photo of the same people my Dads great grandparents who are family members in our family tree. My Aunt then got in contact with the person who was posting the photo. and gave him proof. This man was very nice and went out of his way to get the photo for my Aunt.

The lady was my great great Grandmother and Father in the photo named Frances Roche
( b. 1856- 1830 ) and Bartholomew ( b 1855 – 1902 ) , who travel from Ireland to NZ because Frances got pregnant and her mother and father didn’t like this man and send her to NZ.



In NZ Fances had six children named Alma ( my Great Grandma), William Henry, Florence May, Francis James, Alice Blanche, Sydney James.

Alma Fanny ( dob 1888 – 1941

Alma married Robert McGee and moved to Australia.

Alma Fanny and Robert Mc Gee had three children named Ivy Dorothy b 1913- 1994, Vera Moud
b 1915-1981, and Joyce Heathen ( Grandmother) b 1919- 2004.

Joy my Grandmother married Graham my Grandfather who had five children. They had three girls and two boys.
My Grandmother has pasted away r.i.p. and also my Father r.i.p. nine months after his mother died.

I have good memories of my Grandmother and her two sisters my Aunts who were very involved with us children when we were young. Many good memories at my Aunts place and taking us out for Xmas concerts. They were the nicest people.

<img class="alignnone size-full" title="20160619_150800.jpg" src="https://willalwaysrememberyous.files.wordpress.com/2016/06/20160619_1508002.jpg"

My Grandmother had 5 children.Faye, Barbara, Graham ( my father) and last child Brian. Out of the four only one left alive.

My Grandmother, my father and his brother and sister have died from Cancer. family ( My father’s side).

Graham (my father) b 1943- 2005 who married my Mother Wendy. Who had 5 children. I was the second last child.

Family tree. (Frances Roche Mother and father.

Edward Francis Roche, his wife Dorothea Longfield.

Dorothea mother and father named Mary and Henry Longfield. I have being researching their parent on both sides.

Dorothea have been 61 years old and (Edward) and 63 years old when my great great grandmother Fances married.

Fances danghter Alma ( my Great Grandmother) who husband died and Alma got ill.

Then Alma was put in a mental hospital where they told Amba that her children died. Poor Alma was so upset thinking her children died which drove her crazy. Back in those days if you had a mental health problem they would send you away and carry on like nothing was wrong because they didnt want others knowing their daughter or sister was in a mental hospital. Alma was in and out of these mental hospital for years to come . Her brother James helped look after Alma’s 3 girls until they were old enough to to get their own place where they oldest Sister looked after the 2 others. 

Also there’s a likeness in behavior with the men and woman that I find that interesting.

My Research on Roche family.

Family Roche history dates right back to Sir Robert de la Roche Knight Godebert   

A prominent family in Rhos Godebert the Fleming of Rhos was born in Roch parish in 1096. Rodbert’s three sons, David, Henry and Adam took the name of de la Roche, He was a Flemish Knight and had 2 sons; Richard FitzGodebert de Roch and Rodebert FitzGodebert de Roch. They acquired the Roch name from the local parish area. Both became Knights and Richard FitzGodebert de Roch was the first Knight to land in Ireland in 1167, prior to the main Norman forces. The families became known as de Roche, or de Rupe (in latin) or Roche meaning rock in Englistand they acquired substantial property in Wales and Ireland, including

Roch Castle ( below) and Pill Priory.

In 1213 Roches was made Chief Justiciar in succession to Geoffrey Fitz Peter. This promotion was justified by the fidelity with which Roches supported the king through the First Barons’ War. However, by 1215, Hubert de Burgh was Chief Justiciar. In 1216, Roches was named Sheriff of Hampshire.
At the battle of Lincoln in 1217 Roches led a division of the royal army and earned some distinction by his valour; but he played a secondary part in the government so long as William Marshal held the regency. After Marshal’s death in 1219 Roches led the baronial opposition to Hubert de Burgh, with varying success. At first the justiciar was successful.
Roches was responsible for founding several monasteries in England and France, including Titchfield Abbey and Netley Abbey, both in Hampshire, England, and La Clarté-Dieu in Poitou, France. He gave his protection to the first group of Dominican friars to come to England in 1221.
Roche died on 9 June 1238

Sir Robert de la Roche Knight Godebert   


A prominent family in Rhos Godebert the Fleming of Rhos was born in Roch parish in 1096. Rodbert’s three sons, David, Henry and Adam took the name of de la Roche, He was a Flemish Knight and had 2 sons; Richard FitzGodebert de Roch and Rodebert FitzGodebert de Roch. They acquired the Roch name from the local parish area. Both became Knights and Richard FitzGodebert de Roch was the first Knight to land in Ireland in 1167, prior to the main Norman forces. The families became known as de Roche, or de Rupe (in latin)

Next to research Longfield.
So far they were a very known family back in the old days.




Wishing everyone health and peace.

Sweet little boy

A little boy
will always be
in my heart.
His personabilty so full
Nicely spoken with a smile
The vision I can see him
clear in my mind
the times you spoke
And ran around.
We will never
til the day
our little friend.

No names are mention because I haven’t asked permission.
I hope this beautiful little boys family know we are bonded
from memories.
I Hope you all peace to your whole family and all the new family members over the years.
You all are in my thoughts.
Will be great next time we meet again.
The connection is strong.

Wishing everyone health and peace.

David Bowie


Will always remember Bowie
Is part of my sister Cheryl
In 70s and 80s.
Seens like a interesting guy who so many all connected with. He showed others who interviewed him that his not answering dumb questions about his private life.
It’s none of anyone’s business, He was cool claim.

Many people who suffered pain could upderstand Bowies music.
Would help many others around the world with the pain they were suffering from too. .

David Bowie is a artist and a good one. You can love him or hate him it doesn’t matter.. The people could understand he was a great artist and a cool guy. His fans would go into a magic place with his music.

I feel David Bowies music is part of my Sister’s life. She was over the top with his music and songs. I will always remember my Sister soon as I hear David Bowie songs. Also Bowie was like a musical sex god to my Sister she was in love with everything about him. Bowies music gives happy memories.

Now it was his time to go and we all thank him for what he gave so many people around the world without knowing how much they really feel. I have to say thank you for your music it will live on forever. Bowies music means so much The memory will never be forgotten.

Bowies trippy like out of this world. There will never be another man with a gift like David Bowie. Bl
Also married to his wife having a baby his life would of being a great time for him. In the 80s the music change styles. He seem healthier with a funny side in a easy going way. He w want to miss his child’s
Bowie magic life music that took people to a place a peace. The music so dreaming showing his inside soul.
A person well known but wanted his own life’s like anyone else.

Bowie in his dying days was fighting for his life suffering cancer also fighting for climate change because that’s how much he cared. People that really care so much suffer pain more..
Bowie he didn’t want people crying over his dead body because that’s how much he cared about his family’s feelings. He didn’t want them feeling all the pain on the day.

His music will never die.

Bowie is free like a bird bird.
Rest in peace.


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